Two-ways Broadband Internet solutions

IP Access has been tailored to provide shared, premium Internet connectivity to companies or local and regional administrations, regardless of their location and the terrestrial infrastructure available, anytime, anywhere.

The ideal solution for:

  • Small or medium-sized businesses

  • Regional or rural communities

  • Schools or educational institutions

IP Access is optimised for web navigation, from 256/64kpbs to  3072/512Kbps speeds.  The service can also be used with other Internet standard applications such as e-mail, fast file transfer and download.

The comprehensive IP Access service includes space segment, and high-speed, bi-directional Internet access for a fixed monthly subscription. Several off-the-shelf packages are available depending on bandwidth capacity needs, the number of PCs connected and application needs.

The equipment used to receive the IP Access service consists of a fixed, small antenna and an indoor unit sold under the D-Star brand name, which can be connected to a local area network, or used in combination with other technologies such as WI-FI, PLC, etc.

Key benefits:

  • World-wide availability - Independent of terrestrial infrastructures

  • Rapid deployment - Any site within the satellite coverage can be connected to the network in a few hours

  • Cost effective and reliable solution - With guaranteed Quality of Service

  • High-level of backbone connectivity


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