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   PPC-100FE/8E1 Wireless LAN Bridge with Optical Multiplexers
(1 port 100Mbit Fast Ethernet + 8x ports E1)

100Mbps + 8E1 Point-to-point wireless mm-wave link with total throughput 155Mbit and fiber optics interface

100Mbit FE + 8E1 mm-wave radio with optical mux


PPC-100FE/8E1 is wireless point-to-point link that provides mm-wave radio connectivity for  the following mm-wave bands: 40.5 - 43.5 GHz, 57.0 - 65.0 GHz, 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz, and 92-95 GHz.  The main channel is full-duplex 100Mbit Fast Ethernet plus 8xE1 additional channels transmitting simultaneously. The total link throughput is 155Mbit which is coming to uplink port of optical mux "100Mbps + 8E1". The link kit shipment includes two optical multiplexers "100Mbps + 8E1" among two mm-wave radios (one for each side of the link).

  Applications of Point-to-point PPC-100FE/8E1 Links

For PPC-100FE/8E1 model the primary application is interconnection between base station sites in cellular networks (GSM / GPRS / UMTS). PPC-100FE/8E1 provides an ideal intranet-intranet and intranet-public network connection solution as wells as any LAN / WAN connection where there is a requirement to combine data and voice services in one link.

Other general purpose applications are the following:

  • Wireless full duplex connection link for remote LAN segments at corporate and university campuses
  • FSO (atmospheric laser) and fiber optics channel back-up
  • Multipurpose Fixed Wireless communications for any field use

PPC-100FE/8E1 links are featured with remote management and parameter monitoring capabilities. To communicate with the link for SNMP and parameter control, there is a special twisted pair cable patch which has to be connected to any RJ-45 socket within LAN, deployed in the building. This allows remote SNMP management and remote parameter monitoring of
PPC-100/STM-1 links from a central location.

These "100Mbps + 8E1" point-to-point millimeter wave radio systems are available with a choice of three different sizes of compact parabolic Cassegrain antenna - 30 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm. Depending of the link frequency, these antennas deliver operating distances from about 1.5 mile to 9.5 miles (2.5 km to 15 km) for fair weather condition.

Note. The only weather condition that could affect mm-wave link performance is rain - because the size of rain drops is about the same one as for link wavelength. This brings an interferential dispersion. Luckily, a rain cannot almost break the link, only could cause some kind of operation disturbance. To be sure in "five 9" reliability all the time, it is advised to get in consideration the actual local climatology factor. Rain strength is measured in mm/hour and these data are available in your local meteorological service, especially at nearest airport.

For easy adjusting of radios to a true line of sight, PPC-100FE/8E1 "100Mbps + 8E1" link is shipped with aux electronic adjusting unit. This unit has own display to see changes in primary parameters of the link gain during adjustment process.

Special PPC software application is used to detect, monitor, and configure ElvaLink terminals connected within the same network. The PPC Main window displays status readings and parameter values for the active PPC-100FE/8E1 terminal.

SNMP management and link parameters monitoring

PPC-100FE/8E1 Point-to-point Link Specifications

System Parameters


Frequency band

42 GHz [Q-band]


40.5-43.5 GHz

Max distance* (km)
for different size antennas
·       for 30 cm
·       for 45 cm
·       for 60 cm


  • 7.8

  • 11.2

  • 13.0


100Mbit Fast Ethernet + 8xE1 (Total 155 Mbps full duplex )

Modulation Type ASK

Rx Sensitivity

-95 dBW

Frequency Stability

15 ppm/630 KHz

Output Power **

50 mW

AGC Range

60dB [AGC]

Network Management


Parameters Monitoring

Proprietary adapter in ODU with software application [Windows 98/2000/XP]

Remote Monitoring


Data and Aux Interface

Data Interface

STM-1 [SC/PC optical connector] 

SNMP and Diagnostics Port

IP 65 Environmental RJ-45 connector with UTP cable patch, RS-485 port (optional)


Antenna Type

Parabolic Cassegrain type antenna with radome
 (choice of sizes with diameter 30 cm, 45 cm or 60cm)

Antenna Gain/beamwidth

  • ·       for 30 cm antenna

  • ·       for 45 cm antenna

  • ·       for 60 cm antenna


  • 38 dB/1.6°

  • 42 dB/1.0°

  • 44 dB/0.7°

Power / Environment

Power Supply AC Input

88-132 / 176-264 Volts, 50/60 Hz [with manual voltage range switch]

Transceiver Power Consumption

20 W [+15W heating]

DC Power

48 to 60 Volts DC

Power Connector

SNMP-Ethernet / Power connector IP-65 [optional IP-68]

Operational Temperature

-40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)


0 to 95%, non-condensing

Physical Dimensions

Outdoor unit size

w/o antenna 330 x 350 x 460 mm

Weight (ODU w/o antenna)

14 kg

PPC-100FE/8E1 optical multiplexer specs:



Optical Uplink Port


Scrambled NRZ

Transmitting speed , Mbps

155.52 ± 50ppm

Wavelenght, nm

1310, 1550, WDM 1310/1550

receiver threshold sensitivity, dBm


Optical connector type


Transmitter Emissive power, dBm

20 km version

–15 to –7

40 km version

–12 to –6

Ethernet 100BASE-TX Port

Standard compliance

IEEE 802.3 100BASE-TX

Data speed, Mbps

100 ± 50ppm



Possible modes

10 FD, 100 FD, 802.3x flow-control

Error control

bad FCS

?1 G.703 Ports

Standard compliance

ITU-T G.703

Data speed, Kbps

2048 ± 50ppm


symmetrical, 120 Ohm, HDB3

E1 transmitter output signal amplitude E1 on 120 Ohm, V

3 ± 0.3

E1 receiver input resistance, Ohm

120 ± 5%

Cable peak attenuation, dB


Input jitter tolerance 

ITU-T G.823

Input jitter suppression

ITU-T G.735

Introduced jitter, U.I.

no more than 0.15

General specs

Power Supply AC/DC Input, V

9..18, 18..36, 36..72 or ~220 ± 10%

Power Consumption, W


Operational Temperature, °C

0.. to +50

Unit size LxWxH, mm

230 x 420 x 40


[*]  Max operating distance calculated for weather conditions of 5mm/hour rain.
To understand what is the 5mm/hour rain, see the list of meteorological data below to compare (for continental USA and Europe):

  • Drizzle  2mm/hour
  • Light rain 5mm/hour
  • Steady rain 12mm/hour
  • Summer cumulus rain 15mm/hour
  • Heavy rain 20mm/hour

[**] Output power level for 60 GHz band depends on antenna size

How to order:

Please specify the following model number:

PPC-100FE/8E1 -YXX

where Y - frequency band, and XX - antenna diameter in cm (30 or 45 or 60)

Q band: 40.5-43.5 GHz

V band: 57-64 GHz

E band: 71-76/81-86 GHz

W band:92-95 GHz


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