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A VisData Kft., mint az Intersputnik magyarországi partnere komplex műholdas megoldásokat kínál az alábbi szolgáltatások terén: az átjátszó állomások és a fővonal elérése terén,a földi berendezések szállítására és integrálási lehetőségeire.


A fix kapcsolatok szolgáltatóknak / FSS operators

A vállalati ügyfelek számára

A GSM operátoroknak

Internet szolgáltatóknak

*Az Intersputnik rendszerek honosítása és fordítása folyamatban van, azonban a tájékoztatás angol nyelven most is rendelkezésre áll. Az érdeklődőket később magyar nyelven is tájékoztatjuk.

Networks for fixed operators

When trying to deploy area networks, operators frequently face landline monopolization. It is rather difficult for operators to lay their own lines and the expected traffic may not guarantee any return on investment.

Obviously, satellite channels are the only way to rapidly establish a fixed network with points of connection in all communities in a given area. Despite their small size and low cost, VSAT terminals have much traffic-carrying capacity and support various interfaces and signaling systems.

It takes just one day to install a satellite terminal connecting the area operator in a community. Also, the terminal can be used to provide voice and data services to individuals or corporate customers. Even if there is a landline to the point of presence, satellite communications is still a perfect backup solution.

The satellite terminal can be equipped with two or more E1 G-703 interfaces and supports various signaling systems (EuroISDN, Russian standard No.7). Also, analog interfaces can be installed to connect payphones and telephones of end users. An integrated IP port will provide broadband access to external networks (internet) and other stations in the network. This can be used for full-scale services.

The interfaces process and compress voice traffic and signaling by forming IP packets which are then transmitted via satellite to the hub station, routed to the required point of connection and converted by a similar interface to a digital flow with the corresponding signaling. Owing to an advanced compression processor and a speech pause optimization system, voice service in the satellite network uses very little resources.

Private corporate networks (SPN.CN)


Remote offices can be managed efficiently using up-to-date information technologies.

The use of broadband interactive satellite access makes it possible to rapidly integrate spatially dispersed offices in a single multifunctional network.

Intersputnik Holding Ltd. offers a set of services for the establishment and operation of a corporate telecommunications network. The SPN.CN service is a solution allowing companies with a head office and regional branches to procure a proprietary stand-alone telecommunications network.


A corporate network offers a full range of applications for corporate management such as:

  • Telephone connection between branches and the head office;
  • Broadband access to central corporate servers;
  • Internet connection;
  • Data distribution to an unlimited number of addressees;
  • Videoconferencing, corporate TV, etc.


  • dedicated network with small-size VSATs on customer premises;
  • full control of the network resource;
  • self-contained network, high degree of security;
  • scalability responding to business growth;
  • high efficiency and low operating costs;
  • full-scale automation of work stations;
  • advanced business management system;
  • high level of security and protection of corporate information based on the VPN technology.


  • corporations (headquarters and regional offices);
  • banking;
  • trade and commerce;
  • education (e-learning);
  • public health and insurance;
  • travel agencies and hotels;
  • carrier companies (rail transit, air transport, waterage);
  • printed media and news agencies;
  • rural telephony;
  • rescue and emergency services;
  • oil and gas companies;
  • geological prospecting;
  • construction companies;
  • weather and seismic services;
  • environmental monitoring.

Dedicated networks for GSM operators (SPN.GSM)

SPN.GSMCellular operators tend to deploy networks in remote regions with potential subscribers and offer new broadband services in the existing networks.

Up-to-date satellite technologies combined with advanced methods of traffic processing in GSM networks make it possible to rapidly install cellular networks, adapt operating costs to the actual traffic and guarantee maximum return on investment.



  • Satellite terminals supporting А, Е, A.ter and A.bis interfaces can be used in any fragment of the GSM network to transmit traffic between the MSC Switch and base station controllers and connect remote base stations to the base station controller;
  • maximum efficiency of the network resource owing to intelligent processing of GSM traffic;
  • compatibility with GSM equipment supplied by major manufacturers.
  • optimum solution for 3G networks.


  • rapid penetration into rural areas regardless of the existing infrastructure;
  • digital channels plus backup of terrestrial lines;
  • cost-effectiveness due to traffic compression and signal spoofing;
  • a single solution for MSC-BSC or BSC-BTS connections;
  • dynamic redistribution of the network resource among various routes and service types;
  • extra services such as TV distribution, broadband IP access for GPRS, EDGE, WiMAX / WiFi.

Broadband Internet access (BIP.INM)


Broadband access to the internet or other digital netwotks is offered to internet service providers, VoIP and cellular operators, website owners, corporate customers, etc.

Connection is established via interactive and passive earth stations on customer premises and the Isatel teleport in Moscow.

To start using this service, customers need to install a satellite terminal (passive stations require no approval) and have a dedicated digital IP line to the Isatel teleport.


  • Broadband IP multimedia network for ISPs, cable network operators, corporate and private customers;
  • Wide range of video services: broadcasting, VoD, videoconferencing;
  • Efficient infrastructure for Triple Play services: internet, voice and IPTV;
  • Centralized tariffication and control of access to authorized content.


  • Very fast start-up options for operators and ISPs regardless of their location and available ground telecommunications infrastructure;
  • ‘package’ services (cable TV, video on demand, voice and data);
  • low cost of subscriber equipment.

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