Microwave internet decision  2MB/sec spead (11MB/sec sebességig növelhető)


The VisData Ltd. has a new cost effective high speed access system to the Internet. This new system uses a mixture of technologies. This mixture is that of the Cell Phone and Microwave technologies. No phone lines needed and can be installed within our coverage area in only a few days. Not weeks or even month like other services.

Characteristics of the service:

  • Constant Internet connection without the a managed leased line’s and telephone’s costs
  • Latest microwave data transfer technology
  • Constant large bandwidth Internet access 24 hours a day
  • Ideal solution for serving a local network (LAN)
  • Quick domestic and international Internet backbone without limitation
  • Low cost, Ethernet surface connection
  • Fixed, traffic-independent charges – predictable cost
  • Fast build-out, within 7 working days after concluding the contract Flexible bandwidth that can be increased within 24 hours

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Link installation in Siofok town:      from 30.000,- Ft
(The price varies depending upon conditions)

Package name Averege bandwidth Price / month
512 kbps 512/512Kbps 9900 Ft
384 kbps 384/384Kbps 6000 Ft

The above-stated prices do not contain 25% AFA

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