Free Space Optical Systems (FSO)


Short Range Applications
  • Industrial controls and monitors
  • Museum audio; walking tours, talking homes
  • Garage door openers
  • Lighting controls
  • Driveway annunciators
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Weather monitors; fog, snow, rain using light back-scatter
  • Traffic counting and monitoring
  • Animal controls and monitors; cattle guards, electronic scarecrow
  • Medical monitors; remote EKG, blood pressure, respiration
Long Range Applications
  • Deep space probe communications; distances measured in light-years
  • Building to building computer data links; very high data rates.
  • Ship to ship communications; high data rates with complete security.
  • Telemetry transmitters from remote monitors; weather, geophysical.
  • Electronic distance measurements; hand held units out to 1000 ft.
  • Optical radar; shape, speed, direction and range.
  • Remote telephone links; cheaper than microwave
Wide Area Applications
  • Campus wide computer networks
  • City-wide information broadcasting
  • Inter-office data links
  • Computer to printer links
  • Office or store pagers
  • Systems for the hearing impaired; schools, churches, movies
  • Cloud bounce broadcasting

Local networks

Internet decisions

?????? ? ???? Internet.

???????? ??-200 ???????? ??-200
Distance: 1000 m
Transmitter: 1 laser
Receiver: 1 Object
Size: 450*230*300 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Power: 50 W
Interface: 4E1, E4, Fast Ethernet, STM-1
???????? ??-300
Distance: 3000 m
Transmitter: 4 laser
Receiver: 2-4 Objects
Size: 580*410*410 mm
Weight: 21 kg
Power: 100 W
Interface: 4E1, E4, Fast Ethernet, STM-1


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