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  PROTEUS AMT  L-Series (Digital Microwave Radio)

Proteus AMT L-Series is the latest member of the Proteues family of adaptable and efficient microwave point-to-point radios. Proteues AMT L-Series is desighed specifically for low-to-medium backhaul applications in Cellular, Enterprise, Utility, Public Safety, and Private LANs and WANs. Its compact integrated desigh offers many user configuration options up to 16E1, Ethernet IP, or a combination of both up to a total of 50 Mbps. With its robust modulation and coding, Proteus AMT L-Series delivers high system gain and unmatched signal discrimination in densely populated networks.

Key Features:

  • Software selectable frequencies , bandwith, modulation, TX power & Data capacity.
  • Operates from 7 to 38 GHz.\
  • 2 x 100Base T interfaces with integrated Layer-2 Ethernet Swich.
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC)
  • Data configuration options; all E1, all Ethernet, or mixed Ethernet and 1.
  • Common Outdoor Unit (ODU) and Antennas with pther Proteus radios.
  • Network management and Element Manager compliant with all MINI radios.

Proteus AMT L-Serias easy entry into new markets and answers the demand to quickly adapt to changing network requirements without compromising performance.

 System Specifications               

 Indoor Unit (IDU)                        

 Transmitter and Receiver              

 IDU to ODU Interface                     

 ODU and Antenna                        

 PDH Specifications                              



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