Satlynx Mobile

A TRANSPORTABLE solution Cannot be used “on the move”

Satlynx implementation Available since 2004

  • Strict rules apply

  • Operational across platforms:

  • 360E

  • 3020

  • 9000

  • iDirect

  • SCPC




Creates mobile 2-way, real-time transmission of video, voice, data and Internet access via satellite

  • Capacity from 64kbps upto 2 Mbps upload, max 64 Mbps download

  • Lightweight design (0.96m antenna diameter, ca 45kg) and platform can be adapted to mount on almost any vehicle. On the picture installed on VW Passat!

  • Cost-effective, competitively priced compared to a terrestrial installation

  • Patented Roto-Lok drive system

  • Auto-stow allows transport on vehicle - no need to pack and unpack

  • Motorized antenna equipped with controller to automatically find satellite
    correct elevation & azimuth based on inputs from compass and GPS
    VSAT modem independently
    Crosspol fine-tuning is also automated based on signal strength

  • Different from static NOC-installer dialogue on telephone

  • Procedure takes between 5 and 10 minutes

Antennasystem, selfpointed

Push start and start to work within 10 minutes

  • Lenght 120cm

  • Width 75cm or 98cm, depended from antenna diameter

  • Height closed 30cm

  • Height opened 105cm or 135cm

  • Weight ca. 45kg

Open and point to satellite

Transmit in VSAT-Internet-Network

Operating issues

  • Alignment (if not tested and approved) may result in cross-pol interference and render Satlynx service inoperable

  • Each transportable VSAT solution must be Type Approved

  • Equipment must be supplied by Satlynx

Satlynx Mobile Architecture

Target markets

  • Emergency services
    – Fire, Police, Ambulance

  • Governmental departments
    – Council / district / principality / municipal Emergency planning

  • Charities
    – Emergency aid in disaster zones

  • Utilities
    – Wind-farms, remote power generation, emergency situations

  • Military
    – Field operations / theatre operations

  • Medical institutions
    – mobile scanning / consultation / surgery

  • Corporates
    – mobile ‘road-show’ marketing

  • Industrials
    – Oil rigs / explorations / expeditions

  • Construction
    – Building sites / excavations

  • Education
    – Expeditions / excavations

  • Media
    – News site reporting, location filming

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